Installation (Video, Text, 37 Stills on cards), Dur. 1:35 min, HD colour, sound

Installation view Ich muss mit Ihnen sprechen, Kerstin Honeit

The miniature 'Ich muss mit Ihnen sprechen' is a continual process
of raising the voice and preparing to speak, questioning acts of
speech and empowerment.

An examination of the representation of people of colour in
mainstream German film and TV arising from research into the
politics of film voice dubbing.

The starting point is the 'white' German voice artist who dubs
Whoopi Goldberg as well as over thirty other African American
actors. The accompanying research is made available to the viewer
as an archive of record cards and is part of the installation.

Ich muss mit ihnen sprechen (I have to talk to you) is part of Kerstin Honeit’s solo show Talking Business which premiered at the
Berlin Art Week 2015, presented by cubus-m, Berlin.